Can't use WH1000XM3 bluetooth headset as microphone

I’m using a pair of sony WH1000XM3 bluetooth headphones as the speakers for my manjaro system (XFCE). They’ve successfully paired and can play sound fine, but I can’t use its microphone as a sound source. (Is not detected/listed at all in Input devices)
Are there any ways to use it as both speaker input and output? (works as both with a windows system)

I have the same issue with my Bose QC. People at work also got same issue with other bluetooth headphones on other distributions so it looks like a general issue sadly. Can’t find a solution anywhere sadly.

I also have the same problem, I was able to pair my WF-1000XM3 headphones with a manjaro linux system with KDE plasma and a 5.4.58 kernel but the system does not recognize the microphone, it is frustrating because I cannot find the solution either

I have similar problem. On my older laptop everything works fine but on my new laptop mic and controls are not working. They use same distro, kernel, headset… Weird. Honestly linux audio needs better solution than PulseAudio. I can’t see linux on desktop becoming more popular with this audio implementation.

It should show up when you switch to HSP/HFP audio profile in the bluetooth settings.

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It has noticeably worse audio quality, but actually works! Thanks for the solution

Yeah, it is really a pain with bluetooth/mic & linux.

I hope things will improve soon (although nothing really happened for years…)

Looks like there’s actually a lot of attention and reports on those bugs, keen for updated to come through master when they’re ready. Cheers