Can't use Vagrant with libvirt, wrong gem date version

vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt
Installing the 'vagrant-libvirt' plugin. This can take a few minutes...
Vagrant failed to properly resolve required dependencies. These
errors can commonly be caused by misconfigured plugin installations
or transient network issues. The reported error is:

conflicting dependencies date (= 3.2.2) and date (= 3.3.4)
  Activated date-3.3.4
  which does not match conflicting dependency (= 3.2.2)

  Conflicting dependency chains:
    date (= 3.3.4), 3.3.4 activated

    date (= 3.2.2)

  Gems matching date (= 3.2.2):


Not to be rude, but would’t be more logical to ask in a vagrant forum? This seems to have nothing to do with the Distro.
Besides just opening the homepage of vagrant one sees your install command is wrong, missing arguments or path.

Heavy apologies for being a newbie, but I just figured that reading Arch’s Vagrant doc was sufficient. So sorry. Anyways, I followed the site, same problem. Guess I’ll ask Vagrant.

That should work, I installed vagrant-libvirt with it 3 days ago and it worked

VAGRANT_DISABLE_STRICT_DEPENDENCY_ENFORCEMENT=1 vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt