Can't use terminal command in KDE Connect

Hello! So I’m using i3 with my Manjaro and I recently tried using KDE Connect. Some of the built in command such as “Reboot” work fine, but when I tried adding my own command for example “htop” it just wont run.

Htop runs fine in the terminal but nothing happens when I tried launching it in KDE Connect or dmenu :confused:

Hi @pfcmqorfoeqijfoqer, and welcome!

htop needs a terminal to run. So, a better option would be to open a terminal and run the htop command in that, something which most terminal emulators allows you to do.

But note: htop will only be visible in the terminal emulator you launch, not on your mobile device. To achieve that is a whole other board game and not so simple, IIRC.

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You first have to open whatever terminal you use, and then show the htop in it. In KDE Plasma you can use:
konsole -e htop

desktop xfce:

exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator htop %s