Can't use more than two keys at a time

Hello everyone, I am trying out Manjaro with XFCE and I am having some trouble using keyboard shortcuts with more than three keys (for example something like Ctrl+Shift+Left to select the whole word to the left in VS code or Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch to the previous tab in Chrome). This seems to happen across all applications as far as I can tell and did not happen with other OSes on the same device (a ThinkPad T480) or the same keyboard connected to other devices.

Seeing that various searches for this problem did not yield any fitting results I suspect this might be problem with my specific configuration or some program I use. I am having, however, a hard time investigating and debugging this. So I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction as in what to check.

Thanks a million!

I have sort of the same issue. Pressing Ctrl + Shift together, then pressing Left does nothing. I have to hold Ctrl before pressing Shift, then press Left for it to work.

Ctrl + Left or Ctrl + ‘Numbers’ seem to work just fine, but when I play games where I need to press Ctrl + any other keys it won’t respond even if I hold Ctrl first before pressing other keys. For some odd reason, in this one game, Ctrl + X works but nothing else.

Ok, after fiddling with it for a while, I found out what was causing the issue. In Gnome Tweaks I had the Pointer Location option turned on. If you’re on Gnome, this should work.

Hope it works for you!

Thanks so much for your help here. Currently, I am using XFCE but I’ll see if there is a similar setting somewhere!