Can't Use Double-TAB for completion of nordvpn commands, anymore

I recently did a new install of Manjaro/KDE. I did it with the hope that bash was still the default shell, but have found out that zsh is now the default. I have no experience with zsh, only bash. zsh is pretty and all, but TAB-TAB Completion doesn’t work correctly in zsh. Here’s what I am expecting:

~$ nordvpn set [TAB] [TAB] [list of available parameters for ‘set’ command]

Instead, all I get is a listing of directories instead of the available commands. Switching to bash in a different Konsole Profile does not bring back this functionality.

I have a laptop that doesn’t display this issue. The install is older, but I have a ton of desktops on it, and the terminal apps all work the same and are set to bash.

This is a Lenovo ThinkCentre All-In-One, with Win11 and Manjaro on a 1TB PCIe NVe card I just put in. The card/drive works fine, but not bash.

I would appreciate any insight into the problem.



To switch to bash do so using the konsole profiles.

That is create your own ‘firefishe’ profile and set ‘command’ to /usr/bin/bash.**

For bash completion that you are used to then just make sure to have bash-completion installed and something like the following in ~/.bashrc

[ -r /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion ] && . /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion

Note: I am sure completion works with zsh too, but I dont use it so …

What does that have to do with Manjaro presets? AUR packages are not officially supported. Either a program has shell completions included or they don’t.

You are free to choose whatever shell you wish.

Hi Yochanan, thank you for responding.

The reason I use that command as an example–and yes, it IS an AUR offering–is that it works with my laptop computer with Manjaro on it. So why doesn’t it work with a newer release? There is an answer for this, and I am aware I can use any shell I want, be it bash, zsh, ksh, what-have-you.

I plan on installing other desktop environments to use, and bash-completion is part-and-parcel to how I navigate the shell environment–usually bash–and has been that way for twenty odd years of gnu/linux.

Having to deal with this problem is a pain in the arse for me. I don’t usually get into scripts, as I’m an end-user and not a coder. I can decipher some things, and I’ve been researching a bit, but everything with bash-completion seems to be in order…I said seems to be. It may not, and probably isn’t, as TAB-TAB isn’t working, anymore.

TAB-TAB usually gets me the next set of commands that an application may offer. When in zsh, I can hit Escape, then Enter, and I get a detailed list from standard output, but not individual choices at the cursor, as would normally occur when using TAB-TAB for completion.


~$ nordvpn set thr [TAB TAB]
threatprotectionlite (which is what I was aiming for)

But all TAB-TAB does is give me directories to standard output. I need to get my completion functionality back.

Any technical ideas?

Hi cscs, thanks for responding.

Yeah, that line is in .bashrc. And I created a new Konsole Profile with /bin/bash as the shell. bash-completion still doesn’t work, it works like zsh. To me, this seems like a global setting in /etc/, or maybe /usr/share, or something.

I’m just fomenting ideas at the moment.

Any insight would be welcome.

And you have bash and bash-completion installed?

pacman -Qs bash

I’ll also leave the archwiki entry here

Yes, on both. I have looked at my laptop’s topography and will compare it to my desktop after work (I work nights), and I think there may be a difference.

The nordvpn AUR file may be different than the “nordvpn-bin” AUR application, so I may need to install the correct one. I noticed completion entries in /usr/share for both bash and zsh, so it may, indeed, be application-centric, so far as passing available set parameters to either shell environment.

Ah, to be learning again! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Forum!

The “correct” one seems to be the nordvpn-bin build, since it pulls the official deb package that contains the file /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/nordvpn.

That’s probably the one providing the auto-complete functionality in bash.

Yes. That is the “solution” as far as it goes. I did find that file and I copied and pasted into the current configuration, and it works now.

This does not explain why the “nordvpn-bin” version, which draws from a .deb package to build the manjaro package (or arch package if you prefer), doesn’t work correctly when installed. It certainly builds faster than the docker-thing I’m using, although it all works properly. I guess my build environment is L33T (I’m sorry, I had to!) :rofl:

Okay then. I guess, for the moment, this is a good close to this topic. I’ll post another topic regarding the issues with the other AUR package–I’ll contact the maintainer, too, and see if they have an idea–and see if a solution to that can be had. As I said, the other package drawing from an already-compiled .deb goes a lot faster.

Talk to you later. I’ll mark your last post as Solution. Good Job, and Thanks! :grinning:

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So …
It was never all commands … but just the nordvpn ones? :expressionless:

Maybe we can keep the thread and solve intact if we edit the title. Done.


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