Can't upload files from hard drive to google classroom or any cloud service

Hello everyone
I have two hard drives: ssd where my OS is installed with root and home folders and I have HDD to store files. When I try to upload files from HDD to google classroom for example it returns an error “Unable to read file”, then I try to copy my files to my ssd but in some cases,for example when I have folders and files inside folders, google classroom or google drive gives back the same error. It only works when I create new file on ssd and upload it directly. I need to be able to access and upload my files from anywhere in my computer. I think it’s the problem whit ownership or permissions. I tried “chown” and “chmod” commands with different options but no use.
Hope someone helps

Sounds like these cloud services do not support the filesystem your files are present on.

Try copying the files to a USB stick formatted with fat32 and see if it will upload those.

Thanks for the quick response but I don’t think the case you’ve mentioned is my problem because
I can upload files directly created on SSD but I can’t do the same with files copied or moved from HDD. Both SSD and HDD are ext4.
I’ll try to simplify my problem it seems I couldn’t write clearly that’s why it is confusing.
So when I create file “x” on SSD everything is fine.
When I create file “y” on HDD I can’t Upload
When I copy or move file “y” to SSD I am not able to upload it.

So what’s the file permissions on SSD and HDD respectively?

You can check by running:
ls -al
in a folder with the files you want to upload.

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Here is the result of

ls -la
-rw-r–r-- 1 lj lj 251542 Dec 1 20:14 1-2.jpg
-rw-r–r-- 1 lj lj 220275 Dec 1 20:15 3.jpg
-rw-r–r-- 1 lj lj 115299 Dec 1 20:50 4-2.jpg
-rw-r–r-- 1 lj lj 132174 Dec 1 20:35 4.jpg

so I need to change permissions of every folder and every file in those folders on HDD