Can't Update yay-git

I’m using Manjaro KDE, and as I looked into my update list under Add/Remove Software while trying to update yay-git, I get this error message:

Failed to Prepare Transaction

could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing pacman breaks dependency ‘’ required by libpamac

Anyway to fix this solution? Need help. Thank you.

Is a bad idea.

Is an AUR (arch user repository) package.
You are apparently not in sync with Arch, probably because you are using the Stable Branch, which can be rather behind Arch.
yay is in the repos.

I removed yay-git and installed yay from the official repository. However, when I used that command, it flagged Microsot Edge to be outdated. This is bad because I can’t find any official package like that. I need yay-git to be fixed because I can’t install it as it is giving me the same error as it was when updating.

microsoft-edge-stable-bin 122.0.2365.92-1 Flagged out-of-date (2024-03-23)

123.0.2420.53-1 is out

microsoft-edge-dev-bin 124.0.2450.2-1 Flagged out-of-date (2024-03-23)

microsoft-edge-dev_124.0.2464.2-1_amd64.deb is out

This has nothing to do with whether you use yay or yay-git.

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Same here. I get this persistent error the last days with a failed update for this program.

"la satisfaction des dépendances a échoué:

  • la suppression de pacman casse la dépendance « » requise par libpamac
  • la suppression de pacman casse la dépendance « pacman<6.1 » requise par pacutils"

Any suggestion ? Tx.

Stop using AUR packages with Stable branch … or wait.
(also … If you also have yay-git, why?)

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Well I never install this. It always has been there with my stable XFCE . Can I just delete it ?
“Stop using AUR with stable branch” That’ weird.

Of course you have pacman installed in your stable OS
What does not belong there is yay-git from AUR - if you must use yay, use the one from the repos

Ok removed. I don’t even know what that does. I certainly don’t use it.


Since you did not read the big fat warning about aur unsupported and do not differentiate between the different type of packages and installs (all in the wiki and tutorials) it is probably right to post this


I still want to use Edge! I don’t want it to be flagged to be outdated! The developers need to get within the program!

The Arch User Repository is user generated content.

Everything that happens there, including updates and the out-of-date flag, is done by other users.

You can

  • A ) Wait. It will get updated at some point.
  • B ) Do it yourself. Augment the PKGBUILD. You are using the AUR, so you know all about this, right?
  • C ) Use a different source such as AppImage or Flatpak.

In case you need to learn about the AUR here is the wiki:

The title query has been answered. In the future please mark the post that best answers your question.
Also please use different threads for different problems.

Please have a bit of consideration, those who provide it for our convenience, they are almost certainly volunteering their time. Being flagged out of date for a few hours or even a day or two is really no big deal.

If that’s not good enough, you can always learn to do it yourself, or use a distro Microsoft packages Edge for.

If it is a matter of life and death to use the latest edge on manjaro, you have to repackage it yourself. In that particular case it is literally pulling the 3 files from aur - pkgbuild, sh and pdf, changing the version in the pkgvar variable and the first hashsum in the pkgbuild (f4f… to bcdbd2ce855255ec136caae713a7fed07c7fd4de603af45c7511ac9ae9c12470) and running makepkg. And then installing with pacman -U xxxxxxxx

   ~/yay    master  makepkg -si                                                           ✔  20s  
==> Making package: yay 12.3.5-1 (Sun 24 Mar 2024 10:55:15 PM EDT)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Installing missing dependencies...
error: target not found: pacman>6.1
==> ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies.
==> Missing dependencies:
  -> pacman>6.1
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> ERROR: Could not resolve all dependencies.

Why are you trying to manually build yay when you are not in sync with upstream and yay is available in the repos?

(If you arent on one of the lesser branches like Stable/Testing … why are you not fully synced with the mirrors? You should make sure to be so before doing third-party/manual/aur building. Current Unstable packages meet the dep criteria.)

I thought doing:

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syu

thought doing the above

fully syncs you with the mirrors?

It should.
But there was two parts above;

  • Fully synced (with your mirrors)
  • Synced with upstream (ie: using Unstable Branch)

So either you happen to be in a weird sync state (bad mirror? etc), or you arent on Unstable.

(you can check with, ex, pacman-mirrors -G)

Extra Notes:
You mostly shouldnt use the AUR without knowing what it is or how it works.
Knowing how it works … you will understand that it is for Arch, which means that only Manjaro Unstable is going to be somewhat consistently in sync with what the AUR expects.

Further considerations include …

  • Why not use the yay package in repos?
  • If you must build it manually, then why not use a previous version or a self-edited PKGBUILD?
  • Finally, why are you doing this at all?

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