Cant update my system

Am running kde manjaro 5.10.96-1 not done an update for a while now so i tried to do an update with no luck am getting duplicate database entry
please kindly assist


That is the kernel version, and on stable branch is already at 5.10.105-1 kernel.
Manjaro is 21.2.5 Qonos version …

If you run:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
What is the error you get?

What if you run
pamac upgrade

None of the wiki in the announcements are helpful?

Maybe the older updates announcements

Should i post all the links from 6 months ago to this date ?

Am getting same erro duplicate database entry

Looks like your old /var/lib/pacman/local entries are mixed with the new ones. You can go through the list of duplicate entries and fix your pacman database by removing the old one. See Tips: Arch Linux: How to resolve “error: duplicated database entry ” ” error message | ~ Mayank Johri's Tips ~