Can't uninstall program. error: target not found

Why is obs-studio not uninstalling and why am I getting the error message target not found?

I am trying to uninstall obs studios by using the following commands. sudo pacman -Rsn obs-studio and sudo pamac -Rsn obs-studio. I keep getting an error saying target not found. I double checked and know I am entering the proper command to do a full uninstall. Because I installed OBS studios through the terminal the OBS Studio program is not showing up in the add/remove software UI program so that’s not an option.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I’ve scoured the internet for solutions but haven’t found anything. I’m also new to Linux so please no fancy explanations.

use the reverse procedure to uninstall it
there where install instructions
there is likely also uninstall instructions

You circumvented the package management system of Manjaro/Arch by installing it
“through the terminal”.

Thus, you cannot use said package management system
or even expect it to know anything about what you did
or use it to reverse / uninstall / remove the software.

It simply does not know about what you did.

You’ll need to use the very same installer you used to install it … to remove it
or do it all by hand …
remove whatever was installed (“installed” simply means: stuff is copied to specific locations)

I’m not sure what installing “by the terminal” means. But if used pacman to install, he should be able to uninstall with pacman
Hint: if it wasn’t too long ago that you installed obs studio you should be able to from the terminal use the up arrow key to cycle thru your last 20 odd commands. I would do this to make sure you have the name correct, which is always my problem to install or uninstall that I don’t know the exact name of the software.

Another thing, there is no need to do sudo pamac, pamac will ask for the password when it’s required.

The reason I was getting the error: target not found was because I used snap and not pacman to install obs studio. The correct command to uninstall obs studio for me was sudo snap remove obs-studio. If you use pacman to install a program then you have to use pacman to uninstall it. If you use snap to install a program then you have to use snap to uninstall it.
I also needed to type the word remove instead of -Rsn. -Rsn is the command to remove all packages and directories for Arch based systems. I am not sure why it sometimes requires me to type remove instead.

Since I am very new to Linux not everything here is making sense to me but I am happy I solved this issue. I am trying to uninstall other programs right now and the command I have to use are always different for each program. Oh the joy of learning Linux. =)

It doesn’t.

You need to pay attention to every letter of every word you type in a terminal.

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