Can't uninstall DrawIO

HI there guys!

I just started using manjaro and I’m actually newbie to linux.

Some days ago I installed the DrawIO application on my machine, however, It got an error and I’m trying to uninstall it, however, pamac doesn’t find the package draw(dot)io to uninstall, flatpac is the same and I tried removing it using snap but none of the package managers seemed to be the one used for the software installation.

When I press “windows button” the DrawIO app is sill there… how to remove this “dude” out of my system ?

You uninstall it the same way as you installed it :man_shrugging:

:mag: pacman
:mag: pamac


The problem is… I can’t remember which package manager I used to install that software and pamac/pacman can’t find it in spite of I being able to find the app on the system menu.

There usually is only one - pamac (which uses pacman for repo packages).

Perhaps you didn’t use the package manager at all?
Check your shell history for traces on how you might have done it -
and also the pacman log for when you installed what.
(/var/log/pacman.log - your system might have a graphical utility to inspect the logs to make the task easier)

:mag: uninstall drawio

Is it probably installed via Arch User Repository?

That would show up in the pacman log - and would be uninstallable through pacman/pamac.
Apparently, that is not so, which means it was installed differently and by doing so, bypassing the package manager :man_shrugging:

@Rumbl3F1sh just has to remember how he did it - or inspect the package he used to install, or just install it again and pay attention to where stuff gets written to … and then remove it.

My guess is AppImage