Can't type Euro symbol on Pinebook Pro ANSI keyboard

On my Pinebook Pro with ISO keyboard I can type the Euro symbol with Alt Gr + 4.
On my Pinebook Pro with ANSI keyboard I set the keyboard layout to US with Euro on 5.
I set the Compose key to Right Alt key.

I can use the Right Alt key for accented letters, but I can’t use Right Alt + 5 to type the Euro symbol.
Do I need to configure it differently?
Anyone with a Pinebook Pro with ANSI keyboard able to type the Euro symbol?

According to layout images on the web, ANSI US layout does not seem to specify a € key anywhere…

Have you checked if layouts with special characters work? Like no-dead-keys etc?

You could try with AltGre

I can type accented letters like é with Right Alt + ’ followed by e.
The keyboard layout is English (US), variant English (US, euro on 5).
In the advanced settings Currency Signs I have tried with and without “Euro on 5”.

I was hoping that the advanced settings would work.
I don’t know how they do it in Windows and ChromeOS, but Right Alt + 5 is the Euro symbol (ANSI keyboards).

Sorry, Right Alt with e gives nothing. Typing e again gives ə.

Well, I don´t know if I configured it wrong, or if some update fixed things, but it is working now with layout US Alt International. Don´t configure the compose key on Right-ALT and Right-ALT + 5 gives me: €

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