Cant tile windows with shortcut after update

I just updated my system after some months of ignoring updates since my system tends to always break in mysterious ways… This time I can’t tile my windows with Super+Left/Right anymore. The left Super key still work since upon pressing it I get the window overview as usual. Left and Right keys are also working.

How can I debug this?

My new gnome-shell version: 43.4

Same here with version 43.4.-1 but also with previous versions (since about a month).
I have checked the keyboard settings, I can assign the same hotkey (super+shift+left) again but it still does not work.

In the meantime I found this extension which can be configured so that I get the old behavior.

I found that the correct Keyboard shortcuts one has to set are named
“View split on left” and “View split on right”! It is NOT “Move window left/right”
However I will stick with the Awesome tiles extension since one can tile not only 50/50 but on multiple key presses one can cylce through 50/50, 60/30, 30/60 splits

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