Cant sync 'multilib' on RPI4 Minimal

Trying to follow this guide to enable Multilib so that I can install wine. When I went to /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist there was no #[multilib] to uncomment so I added one manually under core, extra and community. When trying to sync my package databases the first three are able to sync but not multilib. All the databases fail to retreive multilib.db and give a 404 error. How can I sync multilib? Does it not support Manjaro minimal? It syncs fine on my main desktop computer so im not sure what the issue is, I even tried adding a working database from my desktop mirrorlist and that gave a 404 on the Pi.

There is arm area in the forum.

There is no multilib repo for ARM - and Wine is for x86 and will not work on ARM.

While it is technically possible to run an x86 binary on ARM by using all kinds of tricks and an emulator it is not an issue for Manjaro.

Closed as not relevant.

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