Can't start/update Steam

This auto-update thing comes up when starting steam, just like with MS windows.

The steam icon shows in task-bar, but no steam, and X-icon for the update window. Then the steam icon disappears. The loading goes to about 100MB then update window and X-icon dissapperas as well.
When I try start steam again same thing happens.

There’s no update available for Steam in Add/Remove Software / Snap.

useless screenshot removed

What gives?

Ensure your system is fully up-to-date

sudo pacman -Syu

What gives what?

An interrupted update is likely to be caused by network errors.

I am not a gamer as such - but I do love a good puzzle - so I play House of DaVinci - waiting for their next release plus the new House of Tesla.

I just tested my update - Steam downloads the update - unpacks and updates components.

Possibly a network error or it is caused by a non-synced system - but that is a guess - impossible for me to reproduce.

Ended up having to remove it and re-install it.