Can't start snap store

Hi all,
I installed snap store through pamac.

It does not start. When I go into terminal and try to start it, this is what I get:

$ snap-store
cannot perform operation: mount --bind /var/lib/snapd/snap/core18/current/etc/apparmor /tmp/snap.rootfs_DLMYPF/etc/apparmor: Permission denied

How do I fix this?
I tried booting with sudo as well, still same issue.

You need to enable the things.
(I assume you are using apparmor)

systemctl enable --now apparmor.service
systemctl enable --now snapd.apparmor.service

sorry, didn’t work for me.
issue is still here.

I am using apparmor and firejail

I fixed it with a reinstall of snap-store

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