Can't shutdown/reboot from gdm


I made all the last updates on my Manjaro Gnome system.

Since it, I can’t restart or shut down the system from the login screen (GDM). Nothing happens.

Wha’ts happens ? Bugs with last updates ? How to solve this problem ?


Hello @AlanP :wink:

For clarification: poweroff and reboot works on the terminal?

So it is only the login screen? I guess it is because gdm is running as its own user and is not part of some sort of groups somehow…

Hello @megavolt,

Yes, the problem is only on the login screen. It works well when I restart or shutdown into the session.
Very strange, I didn’t have any problem before.

@AlanP Can you check your journal?

journalctl --boot 0 --no-pager

maybe there is some sort of warning or error related to dbus?

I will check and I wil give you the results in a few minutes. :wink:

News: I think I will restore gdm to default. I installed a gdm theme and perhaps there is a problem with it.

How can I restore gdm to default under Manjaro ?


NEWS: This is a bug, I reported it in the Annoucements heading for the stable branch.

Fixed with testing updates.

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