Can't share a folder to smb from dolphin menu

Hi. I’m using Manjaro from a while and I have a problem trying to share a folder from dolphin contextual menu. This is my setup: I have Manjaro installed in a SSD and I have a different disk for almost all the data what is formatted in NTFS.

I want to share a folder that is in this NTFS partition and when I want to do it from the context menu of dolphin it says that I need to change permissions of /run/media/masacroso to 0751 (it is in 0750). Then I try to do it in a terminal with the comand chmod 0751 /run/media/masacroso and it throw and error saying that this is impossible, so I try again using sudo and it works.

Then I check if the folder is shared and in the samba status app it says its shared. However I can’t see this folder shared going to smb://. Then I restart to see if after a reboot the folder appear in smb://, however it doesn’t, so I check in the context menu of dolphin if this folder is shared and I see again that it is not shared because the permissions of /run/media/masacroso doesn’t have the permissions of 0751, just 0750 (I see it running stat /run/media/masacroso in a terminal).

So, why the permissions reset after a reboot? Its related to the fact that I’m trying to share a folder of an NTFS partition? Thank you in advance.

Indeed. NTFS uses, in simple words, a fake overlay for permissions. since NTFS cannot handle POSIX permissions. You need to set the permissions on mount time (fstab or udisk2 for example) or apply it after every mount process, because it simply resets.

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Thank you for clarify things. I have one more question (that I didn’t solved searching in the net), can I mount just a folder in a NTFS partition in fstab (to change it permissions at boot time) instead of mounting the whole partition? Sorry if my question is stupid but I’m a newby on linux. Thank you in advance.

No. Only BTRFS has this feature or ZFS. With NTFS you can mount the whole partition somewhere and do a bind mount for a folder to another location. Then only this folder is visible.


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