Can't set the right primary display on AMD in XFCE

Hello there,

I just started trying to use Manjaro and dipping my toes on Arch for the first time. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how I can make my right screen be the primary display, as it is checked as so and it still isn’t treated like it by the system, the dock and desktop icons appearing on the left monitor still and new pages opening on that monitor by default.
I tried using xrandr to fix it too to no avail.
The right monitor is much bigger and is the one I intend to be the primary one but even marking it as such on the display settings, it doesn’t happen.

Any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Can you give some more info about your system, and your monitor? It will help me alot and others to find a solution. Thank you


Hey man, thanks for your reply.
Here goes some info:

Branch: Stable
Desktop Environment: XFCE
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Kernel: Linux 5.10.61-1
Monitor 1: Asus VX248

I used read-edid to get and parse the monitor info and strangely enough, it could only read my primary (big monitor) because I managed to fix this but now to navigate to my left monitor I have to move my cursor to the right of the primary screen which isn’t how it’s supposed to work.
Here’s what edid has to say about the situation:

EDID claims 1 more blocks left
EDID blocks left is wrong.
Your EDID is probably invalid.

Any other info I can give? Let me know if my descriptions and info weren’t enough.


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Under “Panel Settings” you can change that:

Also, you need to set the second screen on the left of your main and make it primary.

Maybe it matters.Here is an old bug report, that explains it a bit: 8328 – Make it possible to set the primary display in a multimonitor setup


I didn’t boot Manjaro for a few days and now it’s working as intended without doing anything. Guess it was just a weird bug. Loving Manjaro. Thanks for all the info!