Can't seem to change the CPU scaling governor anymore

Hi all,

A while back, I started using “schedutil” as my CPU scaling governor.
Then a few months back I got a new laptop and didn’t really look into this.
Lately, I was looking into it again with a view to make use of AMD’s new p-state patches on the longer term, and it turns out my laptop is using “ondemand” (still on acpi-cpufreq).
But even though schedutil is available in the governors I can’t seem to change “ondemand” to anything else in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor (via “echo 1 >” )
If I try via cpupower frequency-set -g I have a standard error with suggestions that don’t seem to apply to my case.

I’m using the Tuxedo Control Center, if that’s any help (in case it somehow locks the governor).

Any other clue on how to force schedutil?

Just edit /etc/tlp.conf as root

It was indeed the Tuxedo Control Center taking over the responsibility of the governor and locking any other way to change it.
I unticked the CPU box in the TCC settings so that TCC only handles fan speed from now on, and after a reboot I managed to change my governor to schedutil.

Morality: Beware the Tuxedo Control Center Vs scaling governors.

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