Can't save permissions in Firefox

For the last two years on Manjaro/KDE I can’t select “Allow” (or Deny) whenever the Firefox permissions popup pops up. Doesn’t matter if it’s for adding addons or selecting my media devices, the popup pops up okay but clicking on Allow just sits there until I close that particular FF tab. This does not happen with other distros with the same version of FF (all of them for the past two years). To add an addon I’d have to go to my secondary laptop running Kubuntu and add the addons there first then sync that Firefox and come back to my FF on Manjaro and sync the addon change. Crazy. I put up with this for a year with many Google searches but had to move to Chromium and now Brave as my default web browser but I’d rather just use Firefox.

I don’t see anyone else complaining about this so I thought it was just my particular Manjaro/KDE installation at fault but I’ve re-installed it at least 3 or 4 times over the last two years and it’s still happening.

Is anyone else having this same issue with Firefox and found a solution?

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I’ve never seen that issue and suspect it’s a profile problem.
Clean installation and a fresh firefox(profile) do not show the problem you describe.
Do not use an existing (or synced) profile and try again.

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That other post was from nearly 8 months ago and I had completely forgotten about it.

@Fabby suggested I test as another user and it indeed did work okay so the solution will be, as you suggest, to do a fresh OS install and then NOT do a typical rsync reinstall of my entire home directory. Thanks for your help.

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