Can't run blender in raspberry pi 4 majaro KDE

Iam newbie to manjaro I just installed manjaro kde in my new raspberry pi 4 B 8Gb model and tried to blender
But it showing error

A graphic card and driver with support for open Gl 3.3 or higher is required.
This program will close now

In system information window I found that openGl is in version is 2.1 MESA 20.1.5
Help me!!!

The Raspberry Pi does not support OpenGL 3.3 as far as I know, so no. Blender does not run.

PS: Moved to ARM section


But I’ve seen in raspberry pi os
Open 3.3 is working!! In both 32bit & 64bit
But I hate the user interface of it
So I moved to manjaro kde!!
Sorry for my bad English

And openGl 3.3 also working on raspberry pi edition of ubuntu 20.04 but with some issues

Are they also using Mesa as GPU driver like we are? :slight_smile:

Iam gonna stick with manjaro

:heart: Manjaro
I will use all my knowledge on Unix & linux to solve this
If I can’t then nothing happens😁
Blender is not a important part in my day!!:innocent:

I became a fan of manjaro because of its simplicity :star_struck:
If it’s impossible to get openGl 3.3 then I gonna stop it upto and enjoy the manjaro!
Even though it took some time to understand Pacman!
But still I love manjaro :partying_face:

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