Can't Rotate screen on RPI 3 running i3


I’m running the latest version of Manjaro ARM i3 on a Raspberry Pi3 (Raspberry Pi 4 I3 20.10). I can’t for the love of me get the screen to rotate. I recently switched from Manjaro Wayland to this version because of Synergy support.

What I tried:

  • Using xrandr to rotate the screen. xrandr only sees a “Default” screen and when I try to rotate it I get the error:
    $ xrandr --output default --rotate inverted
    xrandr: output default cannot use rotation "inverted" reflection "none"
  • Using arandr to rotate the screen. This will show my desktop in the GUI tool but the options to Rotate are greyed out
  • Using the Raspberry PI config file at /boot/config.txt to set the rotation. This does also not work.

I’m running the Stock version with no extra software. Any tips on how to get the screen to rotate?

Hi BofARM,

This thread below discusses a similar problem - basically xrandr does not work on i3. Its for the RPi4, but I think the distros would be very similar. You can give it a try and see if it works. I can now rotate my screen on my RPi4.

Sadly, I cannot post links; so just search this forum:

I3 on Raspberry Pi 4 with dual monitors

This will get xrandr working. Hope it helps; good luck.


You made my weekend! I was searching weeks for this. For all future visitors, the solution is over at: I3 on Raspberry Pi 4 with dual monitors - #7 by BashCrash

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