Can't resize Partition in Gparted

I’d like to install windows 10 instead of Manjaro Gnome, but first of all I need to resize partition and give some space to windows.
I go to Gparted - ext4 - resize. But it shows that minimum partition size equals maximum partition size. So, It doesn’t allow me to change the size.

P.S. I have only 60GB occupied of 512GB.

From live iso?

No, I’ve installed Manjaro recently as the main OS. I just open the app Gparted

Is your participation mounted? You Pretty sure you can’t resize a partition you are using. You’d need to boot from a live USB to rezise it if it’s the partition your using

You can’t resize partition that is mounted, you know?

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But how to do it? Can I just download windows iso and install it without partition resize?

You were already told in this very topic. Twice. And there has to be 1000 tutorials online.

Do you just have the one partition? I’d boot from a live USB and then use gparted to resize /create a new partition for Windows. There are far more clever people on here than me though

I mean if I get windows on bootable drive, will it resize partition automatically? When I installed Manjaro I just choosed an option and it deleted windows. I’m asking will windows delete manjaro during installation?

Live usb is just bootable USB?

No, you have to do it yourself.


Ok. When I will install windows, can I delete Manjaro files somehow?

Edit: for example I installed Windows, but there’s still manjaro on pc. Can I delete it and make the whole computer storage for Windows?

What do you want exactly? If you want to dual boot, then you have to resize partition to make room for another one. If you want to switch back to Windows and delete anything to do with manjaro, then just plug in windows iso and install windows.

Then you didn’t format the drive before installing windows. You can still do it with live iso (I think gparted can resize ntfs partitions…).

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Do you want to remove manjaro completely? Just format the disk and install windows. If you want to install Windows and then reinstall manjaro /dual boot manjaro installer will give you the option. Not 100% certain what you are trying to do

If you really mean instead, then just start the installer, wipe the drive, and create a Windows partition. As easy as that.

Who’s your uncle?

Bob. It should be Bob. Because, Bob’s your uncle.


Please note, although this will accomplish exactly what you ask, any and all data on the drive would be lost doing this. So, !!!BACKUPS!!!


Wouldn’t this be better asked on some windows support channel?

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