Can't replicate displays in Wayland?

Hiya. I’m using multiple monitors and was a little bewildered to see you can’t replicate/unify displays at all in Wayland through the display settings.

I have 3 monitors essentially; my TV and my 2 monitors side-by-side. I always have the TV duplicate the display of my left monitor, and my right monitor is a high refresh rate monitor I have off to the side by itself. In X11, I can do this setup just fine through the Display settings menu. In Wayland, this is not possible. I use Wayland specifically for a mod of Discord that has screenshare audio, since there’s a weird bug involving it being unable to screen share certain windows in X11. However, the settings in Wayland do not have support for replicating.

I guess my main question is this:
How come there is no setting for replicating monitors? Is this simply impossible, unimplemented in the display settings, or something else? And if it is not possible for whichever reason, will it ever be possible?

I hope this question was clear, my apologies if it weren’t.

EDIT: In regards to that Discord mod, turns out the issue was actually reversed; Wayland was the one that the issue was in. X11 has no issues at all with the screenshare audio. Nonetheless, I am still curious about this issue all the same.

It works for me on KDE Wayland.

There is no button, but I can use my mouse in the Display Configuration to move or drag my “monitor” to my other “monitor”. Both “monitors” are merged into one “monitor”, just like a duplicate.
If they have different resolutions, that should work too.

That works for me using AMD GPU.
If you are an Nvidia user, then use X11.
Nivida driver and Wayland are not friends yet.

These issues may best be directed to KDE themselves, rather than Manjaro. However, from the choices you gave, my guess would simply be that either the feature you describe isn’t yet implemented, or, additional software might be required to enable that feature.

Both KDE (in the process of changing to Qt6) and Wayland support in KDE, are more or less in flux at present. It all takes time, and manpower, so you may need to deal with your bewilderment a little longer. :slight_smile:

Unless someone can suggest a workaround; for example, it may be that such a feature is still in development; and those versions might be accessible from KDE.