Can't remove VLC

So i cannot remove VLC from my Manjaro KDE install.
Can someone please help me understand why and how to properly do it?

Reason being i have to use mpv since VLC crashes when try to open videofile (tried a number of options in preferences, none of them worked. Using nvidia card). So i don’t want VLC at all in my system.

$ pacman -R vlc                                                           1 ✘ 
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing vlc breaks dependency 'vlc' required by elisa

Tried with -Rs and -Rsn option as well, same output.


Well, if you absolutely have to have elisa , then you can’t remove it’s vlc dependency. You can try a different music player, if that is a possibility.

if “elisa” - whatever that is - requires vlc
and you can’t remove vlc because of that dependency
then: remove “elisa”

properly update your system first - perhaps you have installed stuff without being up to date


PreferencesVideoOutput modules:
Select another module (not automatic) and test each until VLC no longer crashes; you probably don’t need to lose this fine player.

Otherwise, SMPlayer (which includes MPV) would be worth your attention.

However, if you really must lose VLC:

sudo pacman -R elisa
sudo pacman -R vlc
sudo pacman -Syu elisa

Note that the VLC dependency for Elisa may possibly be optional.


According to both Octopi and PkgBrowser it’s listed as a required dependency.

One more reason to remove it along with vlc.

Some apps like elisa, kaffeine, deepin-music, kasts, phonon-qt*… require libvlc library to play various media, but Arch Linux maintainers decided to not provide libvlc by splitting vlc package like how it’s done in other distros like Debian, so they linked the whole vlc as required dependency for those apps.

The same is happening with those Qt devs tools (Qt Creator, Designer, Assistant…) being shipped by default in Manjaro KDE, because Arch maintainers don’t care about providing standalone qdbus package.

So, the final resolve is to not uninstall VLC at all; simply don’t use it; and go right ahead and install/use another player of your choice.

Choice is one of the major, err… selling-points… of Linux, afterall. :slight_smile:


nahh - the topic and question was exactly this:
how to remove the thing :wink:

… I can watch videos just fine - and I don’t have vlc …

I use mpv - “successor” of mplayer

Then, considering it’s only elisa preventing the removal my previous answer stands, however, without re-installing elisa:

I use SMPlayer, or MPV (both in same package); it depends on the mood. The default theme is an acquired taste, but there are extra options.

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No, don’t remove it. Simply hide the vlc player entry in Launcher and consider it as an installed library.

Plasma 6 desktop and its KDE apps (okular, gwenview, dolphin…) require phonon-qt6 which requires phonon-qt6-backend, and for Qt6 it seems the unmaintained Gstreamer was dropped and phonon-qt6-vlc is currently the only provider for phonon-qt6-backend.

and that in turn requires vlc - it can’t be installed without also having vlc?

If you don’t have vlc, you will need to install libvlc and many media plugins, not much difference in size, the first just appears on Launcher and the other one is hidden.

So simply hide it in Launcher and consider it as an installed library and be happy



Required By
elisa phonon-qt6-vlc


Required By


Required By
dolphin gwenview juk kio-extras libkcompactdisc okular phonon-qt6-vlc plasma-workspace

Wow had no idea this was to be such a popular topic.

Anyways, seems like i have two options. Uninstall both elisa and vlc or just keep vlc well hidden.
I really do appreciate all the tips and answers. I’ll definitely fiddle around a bit to see what feels best :slightly_smiling_face:.

Your options are: leave VLC the way it is (just ignore it), hide VLC, or switch DE, because if you want to continue with KDE then you cannot uninstall VLC.

… if he is committed to keeping elisa
If elisa can go - so can vlc

use a different music player and vlc is not needed

Until Plasma 6 arrives in stable and then there is no choice. So might as well suck it up now.

… I would not know, nor care - I don’t use Plasma

looks like a lot of choice left to the user :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At least there is a solution for this:

install phonon-qt6-mpv-git (AUR)

then uninstall phonon-qt6-vlc (incl. VLC)