Cant print pdf in kde with okular but i can from chromium

I have canon ts5320 and the right drivers are installed and i tried to print other types of documents odt docx and it prints fine but when i try to print pdf it only gives me the option to print to file.

If I understand correctly, you want to print a document as a pdf from libreoffice.

This might be the solution:

  • add the package cups-pdf
  • create a CUPS-PDF printer

When completed you should see a “Virtual_PDF_Printer” or whatever you called it, in the output of the command lpstat -p -d and any Print Dialog’s Printer dropdown list.

Some doc:

NOTE: There is also File -Export as-Export as PDF…

A question was asked at libreoffice, “what is the difference between print and export”: Export or print to pdf from writer? - English - Ask LibreOffice

it works thank you very much

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