Can't play CNN videos in any browser

Well I saw I needed to update diversion so I did and lost the list and option tabs and CNN didn’t load at all. If I disable DNS direct, Chromium and firefox work and play the video but Opera still doesn’t. If I have DNS direct point to cloudflare, all the browsers work. I have a workaround for now and I probably wont miss CNN and their long ads but I’ll leave firefox set up using cloudflare. Thanks for the help.

Added ublock orgin to firefox and it seems the cnn ads are gone. Perfect.

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Interesting post from thelonelycoder on reddit:

Due to the impossibility to block YouTube Video ads on a DNS level such as Diversion does, this option is removed with the coming update of Diversion (I am the developer of amtm and Diversion).

Yeah that wont really work the way they are being served.

That do be what it do. :sweat_smile:

I’m using a VPN, I appear to be in Dallas Texas, and I can view the Video in Firefox.

Mind you I had to turn on a lot if scripts to get it to work… I use NoScript.

The video works here also; Donald seemed a little confused when suggesting the possibility of a nuclear “World War 2”. I trust your friend enjoys comedy.

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