Can't open folder as admin

So i wanted to create a bash file in the /etc directory.i can’t find a way to open the folder as administrator .Pls help.I’m using Manjaro KDE Plasma

Folders outside your /home are usually owned by root. The first question you should ask yourself is: why do you want to create a file there ?

Hi @chill_gamer, and welcome!

Upon installation of Manjaro you were asked and should have set a password for the root user. (Or perhaps this was called the administrator, I can’t remember now).

It is this password that is the administrator’s password and what you need to do anything in the /etc/ directory or sub directories.

It was and sometimes still is quite tricky for me to distinguish when it should be used. But a good rule of thumb is whenever something system wide needs to happen, it needs to be done by root.
Otherwise, whenever something localized to the current user needs to happen, it happens as the normal, current user.

Also, just FYI, it’s not really recommended you put a script in the /etc/ directory.

If you want to run a script on login you should create the folder ~/.local/bin and place it there.

If you want to edit configurations in system areas - use the terminal and a terminal based editor - for the time being micro is my preferred editor because it with the packages xclip and xsel supports copy/paste from the system clipboard.

sudo micro /etc/some.conf

Just open in kate and save there. Done.

I assume you are not familiar with Linux enough yet, please read:

After you have read and understood what is explained there, ask yourself WHY you wanted to place your bash script in /etc
As others have already pointed out: A normal user should have no business to fiddle with system configuration files…
But if you want to perform administrative tasks you need to perform those tasks as the administrator account (aka as root).
For those tasks you could consult these official pages:

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