Can't open downloded files from Jdownloader on Dolphin KDE

Hello, I just stared using Jdownloader, but for my mistake, the files are saved on my /Home/Username*/downloaded file name.

Cant right click and open the folder from Jdownloader, and if I open using Dolphin there’s no file there.

I even tried copying the whole folder, but still can’t access.
Its something like I need Dolphin root access?

Even reboot. The folder it’s full, cant download anything more.

Hi there stranger,

Shouldnt be, as you should not be using root/sudo in HOME.
But what you describe does have me wondering what exactly has happened.

How did you install Jdownloader, and how do you launch it?

I’m a new user, so I just use the install software app. I created a shortcut (widget).

But I found out that I was using the flappack version, because I searched online and apparently I can’t saved on a external storage.

So I uninstalled and downloaded the aur version. Its working fine now ( I changed the folder to my external storage), but I still can’t access the older files saved on /home.

I guess I was not supposed to save anything there?

I thought the files were occult, but that not it.

Flatpak is a containerized framework by default.
It isnt usually supposed to be able to interact with the rest of your system… at least not in the same way as the more ‘traditional’ system packages.
That is but one reason that generally it is preferred to use regular packages over flatpaks & snaps.

For some more information see these:
Flatpak - ArchWiki
Filesystem · flatpak/flatpak Wiki · GitHub

Likely the filepath isnt exactly what you think it is.
You can maybe check more robustly using something like

ls -la /home/username

to see if your files are really there.

… I just begrudgingly installed flatpak and jdownloader to check … and checked. With download directory set to ~/Downloads (/home/USERNAME/Downloads) it worked fine, the files were accessible and deletable… now to delete it all again :wink:

I will probably do this now:

flatpak uninstall org.jdownloader.JDownloader --delete-data
flatpak uninstall unused --delete-data
sudo pacman -Rns flatpak
##and it seems I need some extra cleanup manually:
rm -rf ~/.local/share/flatpak
rm -rf ~/.cache/flatpak
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/flatpak

I don’t use JDownloader but no matter the format of the installer it should work without issue right out of the gate. You said you have external storage? Then you really should be downloading everything to it and not your OS drive. You can try the below.

Install kde-servicemenus-rootactions
Once installed if you don’t have one create yourself a Downloads folder on your external storage
Make sure your external media is mounted under /media/ or /mnt/
Open the Download location and go to Root Actions, and select Ownership To Active User, answer yes, enter your password
Now attempt to use that as your default folder for JDownloader and see if you still have the same issue

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