Can't open any programs (exo-open corrupted)

I wanted to increase the size of my installation partition, by doing the following:

  • I hibernated manjaro
  • I booted up a live usb version of gparted
  • I created some unallocated space by resizing my windows partition.
  • I moved my manjaro install to the left and then resized it rightwards
  • I left the live usb and rebooted manjaro

Everything was like it was when i hibernated, even my browser was working fine and I was able to connect to the internet and all. However, when I try to open any executable or file or program, an error would pop up
Failed to execute child process “exo-open” (Accessing a corrupted shared library)
for some other programs it was different, such as vivaldi or firefox being their usr/lib executable locations. I think I may have messed up the whole file system but im not sure, since vivaldi is running just fine and im able to send this post through on linux! (maybe that is because I’m running it off of ram from the hibernate)
Any help?

Clean reboot.

I admit I was afraid that rebooting my system would just not allow anything to run at all, but after rebooting normally, manjaro managed to reallocate everything by itself and everything is working as usual! Ha, I guess the oldest trick in the book does work sometimes :smiley:

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