Can't move windows to my primary display

Today I had a random crash when attempting to use Zoom via my web browser, since then I have swapped back to Windows and Manjaro (on the same system) a few times as I like to do my dev work on Manjaro.

As it stands right now I cannot move VSCode, Firefox, or System Settings to my primary display. For any of my other 3 displays, this is possible, however, on the primary display, I can drag any window partially onto it, but never fully. I also cannot snap any application windows to any edges on this display.

Initially, after Manjaro locked up during my Zoom call, when I reloaded I noticed VSCode was about 1/10th of the height of the display, and I could not expand or adjust its height in any way.

I am still pretty new to Manjaro and KDE, but this doesn’t seem like something that should be happening, especially because it was not happening before and I haven’t changed anything that might cause this.

If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading this.