Cant mount usb flash

hello guys
actually i cannot open the flash drive and it gives me an error

Incomplete multi-sector transfer: magic: 0x58444e49  size: 4096  usa_ofs: 40  usa_count: 5  data: 45533  usn: 45532: Input/output error
Corrupt index block signature: vcn 0 inode 5
Failed to open $Secure: No such file or directory
Failed to mount '/dev/sdc1': No such file or directory

pls if you know how to fix it help me

the flash is 32g and its usb 3.1, its NTFS

a hardware defect ? can you check this possibility first while using the flash-drive on a different hardware ?
is the drive connected direct or through an hub ?
please give more details.

i did and everything is fine but in this flash i have problem.
the hardware connected directly

the ntfs-driver is installed ? check

pamac search ntfs-3g
tfsprogs-ntfs3                                        2022.10.3-3        AUR 
    NTFS filesystem utilities without NTFS-3G driver.
    For system with kernel >= 5.15
libntfs-3g                                             2016.2.22-1        AUR 
    NTFS filesystem library and development headers.
    Does not include FUSE driver or utilities.
ntfs-3g-wimlib-patched                                 2017.3.23-1        AUR 
    NTFS filesystem driver and utilities - with patch
    93#p596 applied
ntfs-3g-system-compression-git                         1.0.r14.f27f924-1  AUR 
    NTFS-3G plugin for reading "system compressed"
ntfs-3g-system-compression                             1.0-1              AUR 
    NTFS-3G plugin for reading "system compressed"
ntfs-3g-onedrive-bin                                   1.2.0-1            AUR 
    NTFS-3G plugin for reading OneDrive directories
    created by Windows 10
ntfs-3g                                    [Installed] 2022.10.3-1        extra 
    NTFS filesystem driver and utilities

this flash was used in a ms-windows system last time ?

no actually for the first time that i used the flash on the manjaro it was good and i copied a video on it but the next time that i wanted to open the flash i see this error

did you used the option to unmount the drive before you released it ? my suspicion is that you just ejected the flash and the drive wasn’t finished completely. in this case the data is corrupted.

yeah maybe you are right but i dont remeber good

If you are going to reformat it, exFat is something you might want to look into. Supports big files and has better support integration than ntfs on linux.

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sure, thank you