Can't mount NTFS USB-Stick

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USB sticks formatted with NTFS cannot be mounted on my Manjaro KDE Edition, which was newly installed yesterday.

I’m using kernel 5.9.1 and all packages are up to date. The ntfs-3g and fuse2 / 3 packages are installed.

I have already tried to use the ntfs3-dkms package, but unfortunately also without success.

Can someone give me a tip on what I’m doing wrong?

Best regards, Antarez

You are probably not doing anything wrong - the disk can be empty or faulty - I don’t really know much of KDE - but another user had a similar issue with a portable CD/DVD drive and the disk was empty - so dolphin didn’t care - but your issue may be different.

  • remove the device
  • open konsole
  • type lsblk and press enter
  • insert device
  • type lsblk and press enter

Check if the device shows up

The device shows up using lsblk

I am sure that the stick is not broken. It can be opened easily on Windows and Mac computers.

Care to share the output of sudo lsblk --fs between ``` ?

First ensure the filesystem is not damaged - use a Windows computer for that check.

Secondly ensure the stick is safely unmounted from the Windows check - use the safe eject function in the Windows File Manager.

Then try mounting it manually to the temporary mount point - replace Xy with your device/partition. e.g. sdy1

sudo mount /dev/sdXy /mnt

Check for any error messages - and if none check the content by listing the files on the mountpoint

ls /mnt

I got a hunch the OP thinks it isn’t mounted because he does not see it appear automatically in Dolphin when he plugs his USB-Stick in…

The output of sudo lsblk --fs is :

│    vfat   FAT32       657E-6E6E                             299,1M     0% /boot/efi
│    ext4   1.0         4537e9d9-4f66-45fa-8a38-a7b00b21a69b  180,5G     9% /
     swap   1           127b444d-2607-4635-8eff-58683e511be9                [SWAP]
     ntfs         HDD0  0C02651F02650F50                                    
│    ntfs         Wiederherstellung
│                       5CDAC7DFDAC7B414                                    
│    vfat   FAT32       74CA-23B4                                           
│    ntfs               5490CD3190CD19FE                                    
     ntfs               C606E4E706E4DA07                                    
     exfat  1.0   MARIO 164D-C59B                                           

As I mentioned earlier, the device is not defective. I can use it normally on Windows, Mac and my laptop with openSUSE Tumbleweed.

This is the USB-Stick i suppose?

That’s not the case. When I try to mount the device via Dolphin’s mount dialog, I get an error that the mount has failed.

Exactly, thats the device.

Could you try systemd-mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt/USB-Stick and tell us of any errors?
To see related messages: systemctl status /mnt/USB-Stick

It fails with the following error: Job failed. See “journalctl -xe” for details.


The result of systemctl status /mnt/USB-Stick is:

● mnt-USB\x2dStick.mount - /mnt/USB-Stick
     Loaded: loaded (/run/systemd/transient/mnt-USB\x2dStick.mount; transient)
  Transient: yes
     Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Sun 2020-10-25 12:16:19 CET; 6min ago
      Where: /mnt/USB-Stick
       What: /dev/sdd1

Okt 25 12:16:19 mario-manjaro systemd[1]: Mounting /mnt/USB-Stick...
Okt 25 12:16:19 mario-manjaro mount[6799]: FUSE exfat 1.3.0
Okt 25 12:16:19 mario-manjaro mount[6799]: ERROR: 'user@domain.ovpn' is empty but start cluster is 0x461.
Okt 25 12:16:19 mario-manjaro mount[6799]: ERROR: 'user@domain.ovpn' is empty but marked as contiguous (0x20).
Okt 25 12:16:19 mario-manjaro mount.exfat[6799]: 'user@domain.ovpn' is empty but start cluster is 0x461
Okt 25 12:16:19 mario-manjaro systemd[1]: mnt-USB\x2dStick.mount: Mount process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Okt 25 12:16:19 mario-manjaro mount.exfat[6799]: 'user@domain.ovpn' is empty but marked as contiguous (0x20)
Okt 25 12:16:19 mario-manjaro systemd[1]: mnt-USB\x2dStick.mount: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
Okt 25 12:16:19 mario-manjaro systemd[1]: Failed to mount /mnt/USB-Stick.

As you can see in those messages, your USB-Stick is not NTFS formated…
I personally have no experience with exfat
You can now systemd-umount /mnt/USB-Stick to clean the mount attempt from systemd.
Maybe others can help further with exfat.

Thanks for your help, that’s a bit surprising. I can’t remember formatting the stick with exFat.

At least now I can look for the right solution.

If you specify the wrong file system in a systemd mount unit - it will fail.

And if sdd1 is your usb stick you will have change the mount unit or fstab to use the correct filesystem - exfat.

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Since when is a USB-Stick configured statically in fstab at all?
The systemd-mount command i gave does “auto-probe” :wink:

I have used static mount points when scripts targeting removable devices and the devices was required at specific mount point.

So yes it is a viable method in fstab - but now I find systemd more viable for such tasks.

If you are sure you formatted the stick with nfts and Linux sees the stick as exfat - then it is most likely the filesystem is damaged.

I would - If it is readable in Windows - salvage what can be salvaged and then partition/format the stick.

I’m trying this one.