Can't mount HDD

Hi, I think I’m in trouble. I made a backup using Timeshift and tried to copy the directory to my HDD. It failed because I haven’t permission so I used the command line:
sudo cp -R /run/timeshift/backup/ /run/media/toniovr/“TOSHIBA EXT”/ManjaroBackUp
It was copying the directories and files, but then it failed again and without knowing I pulled out the cable connected to the HDD. And now can’t mount the HDD, I tried using disk but can’t mount it anyway.

In Gparted I’ve got this message:

I tried restarting the system but it didn’t work and now I’m worried because I can’t lose all the data I’ve got in the HDD

If you have a windows machine nearby have it check the external hdd since that seems the best way to repair NTFS partitions.

Thanks! It worked, I was afraid of losing all my data.

Hey that’s great to hear :smiley:

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