Can't modify storage device

I have Manjaro installed on a small SSD and I have a separate larger SSD (both are EXT4) attached to store my personal files, however I can’t modify the larger SSD through Dolphin, the option to create folders is greyed out and I can’t copy anything to it. I am guessing it’s a permissions issue, how do I do this?

You can use ls -la /path/to/ssd/mount/ to display the permissions of the mounted ssd to see if it is an issue with the permissions.
It will give you a list tgat also indicayes the owner and the geoup it belongs to.
If it says root as the user/group tyen it is a permission problem.

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Thanks. I ended up re-formatting the disk with GNOME disk utility instead of Gparted which I used the first time and that fixed it, no idea why.

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