Can't login after update and lockscreen

Hi everyone,
I am currently struggling with an issue with Manjaro Gnome since the last two updates.
Since then, when I start my computer, I can login all fine.
But anytime it turns to lockscreen, when I use it back, the login screen appears but I cannot access my session: It appears as working for a second then it freezes and turns back to lockscreen.
The problem I am issuing is similar to:
except that I am not using KDE plasma that seems to cause the bug.

I’ve also seen some fixes based on taking care of some .pacnew files in /etc/pam.d but I don’t see any.

Can you help me with that? And what additional piece of information do you need?

The problem seems to fixed by itself with more recent updates.
So now everything is working fine.
We can close this thread

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