Can't log into TTY Ctrl+Alt+F3

For about a month now I’m unable to log into TTY as I use to before (by running Ctrl+Alt+F3). Now the monitor goes blank and stays on “no hdmi input connected”.

I’m on 5.4.67-1, Manjaro 20.1.1 Gnome.
I appreciate if you can give me some pointers on debugging/fixing.
Thanks for reading,

PS: I’d post this in the “newbies corner” since I’m not very fluent in Linux, but I don’t know where that went either.

  • There is no extra Newbies corner any more - every post goes directly to a proper category
  • The other TTY (F1, F2, …) don’t work either ?
  • Tried with a more recent kernel e.g 5.8 ?

Hi @gefri, thanks for the answers.
Yes, the other F(s) don’t work either (aside from F2 taking me back to the graphical UI).

You, might be correct! It could be a kernel issue. Before I was at 4.19, and was working. And I usually stay on LTS ones (for newbie reasons).

I’d give 5.8 a try and keep 5.4 as fallback

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