Can't log in,Right password appears as wrong

yesterday i did the update,rebooted and all was fine.
today i type my password as usual and it fails.
i checked in tty,and the right characters a being typed.
what should i do?

i booted a live cd,used chroot to change the password,but i still get an error at log-in.

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Just out of curiosity could you log in to tty as root and check /etc/shells file and see if the shell that you are using as regular user is listed ??

If not write the path of the shell that you are using and reboot. It should fix the problem.

I had that kind of problem once…


Yesyerday i messed with the shell and shell.pacnew files,so it must be it.

that was it.
instead of zsh, only sh was written there.
it’s weird since i only copy pasted the entire thing from the pacnew file. so maybe it was erroneous there.

Thank you very much.

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Yes, there was update and some shells were missing, also add bash if its not there.

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this is what i have in my “shells” file right now:

# Pathnames of valid login shells.
# See shells(5) for details.


It looks good.
Above /bin/zsh , I have /bin/sh, but its not installed on my system. So I guess its not necessary, but I don’t touch it.

I was also missing /bin/zsh when I had the problem.


/bin/sh is a symbolic link to ./bash. :arrow_down:

[aragorn] >   ls -l /bin/sh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Sep  3 19:22 /bin/sh -> bash

If bash is called as sh, it will behave as a traditional Bourne shell, without all of the extended functionality that bash offers over the old sh. :wink:

Ditto. But I didn’t have any problem with it, because I’m still using bash as my default shell. :wink:

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