Can't log in on Plasma. Works with TTY5

Hi, I can’t log in anymore and I don’t know how.
Up until recently, I had auto login enable. As I wanted to disable it, I noticed, that the checkbox was not ticked, but auto login still worked.
I’ve tried to use a different user for the auto login as was going on a short trip, so assigning a new user with no rights was my go to solution, only, that neither the new profile logs in automatically, nor can I log in my account manually.

Every time I’m getting an error message (sadly in German, even though I switched to English after I finished the installation last time):

Leider ist ein Problem aufgetreten

Ein Problem ist aufgetreten, welches vom System nicht behoben werden kann. Bitte melden Sie sich ab uns versuchen Sie es erneut"

Rough translation would be: "

An error has occurred

An error has occurred, which can’t be solved by the system. Please log off and try again".

Of course that doesn’t work. I can still log in in through TTY5, but I have no idea where to start looking for clues.

Worst case I could use a snapshot from the day before I made the change, hopefully reverting the ■■■■ up I made and not loosing to much.

But I would prefer not to do that right away.
So I’d appreciate all help and I’ll supply any information I can and is requested.

Best Edward

Okay, solved it myself. Most likely by pure luck.
I have modified the sddm.conf file and added an autologin section:

User=<put user name here>

Afterward I have restarted the pc and it worked. IN the system settings the autologin is still shown as empty, so I’m not really happy, but it is, what it is.

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