Can't log in anymore

Hi everyone, writing from my phone because I got locked out.

I updated, then rebooted as usual, but now I can’t log in anymore. It seems like my password isn’t accepted anymore. I seem to have 2 attempts, but after the 2nd attempt it says 'got : Pam response {} and then prints my password in plain text.

What I read just now was that I should have cleaned up .pacsave files

What I have tried just now was reboot into rescue mode and then check the contents of /etc/pam.d

There was a polkit-1.pacsave file. I moved it (to a subfolder in my homedir, as a back up)

It didn’t help, so I assume that’s not how to deal with this issue.

Can someone help me and point me into the right direction?

You could try logging in on a TTY (assuming that’ll work), then run:

journalctl --follow | more

Now try logging into your graphical session and see if any helpful messages appear.


through tty worked (already figured it moments after my last post)

was just reading more about this and came across this one-liner to find .pacsave and .pacnew files:

sudo find /etc -name '*.pacnew' -o -name '*.pacsave' 

my output looks like this:


I guess I never cleaned that mess up. Just wondering if the passwd.pacnew file is responsible for the problem.

Should I back up the regular passwd file and rename passwd.pacnew -> passwd ? would that do the trick?

Boot up from the Manjaro live USB, open up a terminal window, and type the following command… :point_down:

sudo su -

Now, depending on whether your system uses an encrypted root volume or not an extra step may be required…

1. If your root filesystem is encrypted…

… then you must first open the container. I’m assuming that you’ll know how to do that. Hint…: :point_down:

man cryptsetup

2. If your system is not encrypted, or it is encrypted but you’ve opened the container…

… then issue the following command, assuming that /dev/sda2 is the device special file for your root filesystem — change this into what’s appropriate… :point_down:

mount -t ext4 /dev/sda2 /mnt

If you’re on btrfs, the command is slightly different… :point_down:

mount -t btrfs -o subvol=@ /dev/sda2 /mnt

Now, look at the file /mnt/etc/shells and make sure that your shell is listed in there. There was an issue a (long) while ago with the .pacnew file, in which /bin/zsh and /usr/bin/zsh were omitted from the file. Without a shell, you cannot log in.

If the entries are indeed missing, edit the file with nano, save it, and reboot.

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better do not even touch that - or be very, very careful when trying to merge the new one with the existing one.
In the new one, there is just default values.
Same goes for the other .pacnew files - new default values, perhaps some new options or different syntax.


I’ve had this happen a couple of times and fixed it via a Live Session:

manjaro-chroot -a
passwd *your-username*

Note that in my case I couldn’t log in to a TTY either.

ETA: I see from OP’s profile they are using Sway, which I have no experience with, so I’ll bow out at this point. :wink:

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But he can log in on TTY - the passwd is o.k.

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