Can't log in after trying to fix the latest amdgpu driver bug

Hey guys
After the latest update i got the amd gpu driver bug that came with the kernel 5.10.
Im a linux noob so i just followed the instructions under “For AMD GPU users having a black screen with kernel 5.10” from the “[Stable Update] 2020-12-30” thread.
I did edit /etc/default/grub and add amdgpu.dc=0 like this : GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="amdgpu.dc=0 (more instructions)" .
After sudo update-grub (it did update around 7-10 programms) and a reboot i get a weird error screen with colored dots and stripes and im not able to get into the terminal anymore via CTRL ALT F2.
What can i do to fix this mess? Can i install a manjaro boot usb drive and login via that or shold i install my old nvidia 650ti gpu to get back into the system?
Once im in can i just remove the amdgpu.dc=0 and sudo update-grub again to fix it? And then reinstall the 5.9 kernel?
Thanks for your time! And sorry for asking but i don’t want to mess up the system even more

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Was able to fix it thanks to an answer in the mentioned thread above.
For anyone with the same problem : press ESC after the UEFI splash screen, press e and delete the amdgpu.dc=0 part. Press CTRL + X or F10 to boot to console. Now you can delete the amdgpu.dc=0 part from the grub file with nano and sudo update-grub. Reboot and you have the status quo back

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