Can't launch terminal command/app via shortcut

I’m trying to set up a shortcut to open ranger but it doesn’t do anything. Shortcuts on the desktop or a panel work fine, but adding a custom shortcut with key-combo doesn’t

Is there any trick to this or is it just broken?
I vaguely remember this being done differently in xfce, so maybe it’s the same here

Open the window for the Keyboard settings and try adding a new custom shortcut using this command

gnome-terminal -- ranger


gnome-terminal --maximize -- ranger

if you want the Terminal window to be maximized.

Assign the shortcut to a key binding and see if it works right away. If it doesn’t, logout/login and it should work.

The Cinnamon edition uses gnome-terminal as the default Terminal emulator. If you’re using something else, you’ll have to adjust the command for the keyboard shortcut accordingly.

The same way you can set keyboard shortcuts for other terminal-based applications.

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That did the trick :sunglasses:
I completely forgot about the two hyphens

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