Cant install yandex-browser-beta

Ok, first, yandex-browser-beta is currently working at my old pc with the same os. But when i try to install it at a new one, i get this

config.status: creating gconf-2.0.pc
config.status: creating config.h
config.status: executing depfiles commands
config.status: error: in `/var/tmp/pamac-build-qwerty/gconf/src/gconf':
config.status: error: Something went wrong bootstrapping makefile fragments
    for automatic dependency tracking.  If GNU make was not used, consider
    re-running the configure script with MAKE="gmake" (or whatever is
    necessary).  You can also try re-running configure with the
    '--disable-dependency-tracking' option to at least be able to build
    the package (albeit without support for automatic dependency tracking).
See `config.log' for more details
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

How to fix it cmon? Why so many troubles downloading the software…

yandex-browser-beta depends on gconf which is long deprecated. The error is coming from building it. Make sure you have the required tools for building AUR packages:

sudo pacman -Syu --needed base-devel

The PKGBUILD has a dependency on gtk2 - this dependency is a likely cause of failure

# Maintainer: Vladimir Kamensky  <>


pkgdesc="The web browser from Yandex.
 Yandex Browser is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier."


depends=("flac" "gconf" "gtk2" "harfbuzz-icu" "libxss" "nss" "opus" "snappy" "ttf-font" "xdg-utils" "libxkbfile" )
    "ttf-liberation: fix fonts for some PDFs"



prepare() {
    tar -xf data.tar.xz

package() {
    cp -dr --no-preserve=ownership opt usr "${pkgdir}"/
    install -D -m0644 "${pkgdir}"/opt/yandex/${_pkgname}/product_logo_128.png "${pkgdir}"/usr/share/pixmaps/${pkgname}.png
    chmod 4755 "${pkgdir}"/opt/yandex/${_pkgname}/yandex_browser-sandbox

pamac build yandex-browser-beta

the same situation with pamac gui…

I just edited my post and made a correction.

gtk2 is already installed :frowning:
Or i didn’t understand, what should i do?

Use makepkg instead of pamac

You will need to build gconf and gtk2 before trying to build the package

5Gb to download, is it ok?

Apparently you haven’t updated in awhile. Yes, it’s fine.

gosh… i was waiting for an hour to get another error

The output:

/usr/bin/yandex-browser-stable %U
Found ffmpeg: /opt/yandex/browser/
	avcodec: 3876708
	avformat: 3874148
	avutil: 3743332
Ffmpeg version is OK! Let's use it.
[53263:53263:1129/] Failed to verify partner_config signature, config will be ignored
[53263:53263:1129/] Ignoring port number in isolated origin: chrome://custo
[53263:53263:1129/] Invalid isolated origin: 

I tried to google it, no result… What is the problem in?