Can't install wine mono on steam

Hi. I installed a game in steam on my workstation and it works fine.

But when I tried to install and play it in my computer now, it shows an error like this

how can I fix this?

Do you mean wine-mono from the official repositories or when running winecfg in terminal? I apologize if I misunderstand the issue as I don’t use steam or play any games.

i didn’t use terminal on this one. I just try to install the game and it prompted me this:


and after I install this one, it prompted me the first post.

What game?

Assassin’s creed rogue.

its just strange that I made it work on the other pc but can’t now its not working on my pc. i fresh install manjaro for this.

What version of Proton are you using? The game has a gold rating on ProtonDB. Maybe try removing the prefix < Steam folder >/steamapps/compatdata/311560/ and launch the game again.


it works mate. thank you. what just happened?

The Proton prefix for the game was recreated after you launched the game again. Apparently, something was borked in the initial prefix.

See the Proton FAQ for more info:

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