Can't install the new updates of Manjaro XFCE

Hello everybody!

I use Manjaro Linux with XFCE from 2- or 3 years without essential problems but now I have. When I try to install the new updates with Pamac I receive a message "could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing wxgtk-common breaks dependency ‘wxgtk-common’ required by wxgtk2"

How to fix this issue? To wait for the next update or to make anything else?
Thanks for the suggestions.

sudo pacman -R wxgtk2
then run update

Now I received a massage:

“error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing wxgtk2 breaks dependency ‘wxgtk2’ required by truecrypt” :frowning:

Use VeraCrypt instead of TrueCrypt.

Lucky you. I sure could use one myself. :pray:

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I uninstalled TrueCrypt and removed the file from the massage and the error was removed. Now I’m with VeraCrypt :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for the support :slight_smile:

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Rule 1: Search the internet before asking - you are not the first - and likely not the last …
Rule 2: Rephrase and search the forum
Rule 3: if x != 10 → use rule 1

I am sure there are others in the same situation and who will come here precisely because they are “searching the internet”…

It would be very useful to know if your new installation of Verycrypt could open the encrypted volumes you created with Truecrypt reliably

I stress “reliably” because there are reports of Veracrypt corrupting Truecrypt volumes…

If this is not a reliable process, then people using Truecrypt (which until recently WAS in the official repositories) will first have to have both Truecrypt and Veracrypt running, each with an open volume, and the contents of the TC volume copied to the VC volume.

Until they do this, they will not be able to update their Manjaro systems…


Looking forward to your response!

I’ve used VeraCrypt successfully with no issues on an older TrueCrypt container. However, I knew that I needed to migrate the data, rather than sit on a legacy format for too long. Soon after, I copied all my data over to VeraCrypt, LUKS, and encrypted ZFS. I no longer have any remnants of TrueCrypt.

In your situation, I would take the steps to safely migrate your data to a newer technology. (Make sure to verify everything was copied over successfully. I would use rsync, since it will confirm that the transferred file’s blocks match the checksum of the original source file. This is a one-time verification used only during transit to make sure the copied file matches the source file.)

I used to have some encrypted .ace archives from a long time ago, and because I waited too long, I’m not able to successfully extract the files within. :sob: (The silver lining is that I believe I have a copy of these files elsewhere.)

You can accomplish this with a live USB of an older distro, such as an Ubuntu LTS release.

  1. Boot into the live USB
  2. Download the portable (non-installed) version of TrueCrypt’s latest release
  3. Download the installable (or extractable) version of VeraCrypt
  4. With both applications, run them, mount the TC volume, create a new VC volume, and copy everything over (preferably using rsync)
  5. Verify and confirm this was successful

Just to drive the point home: You cannot sit on legacy software for too long. There’s always a “grace period” (in the case of TrueCrypt, you had 8 years), but it’s best to switch while there’s still plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed or risk finding yourself without a simple or feasible upgrade path.

Very helpful - thanks

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