Can't install ROS

Attempts to install package ros-noetic-desktop-full through pamac or yay end in failure. Pamac can’t find ogre 1.9, which exists. yay couldn’t find a lot of stuff.

I tried installing various versions of ogre through pamac. Regardless of the version I select, incuding 1.9, I get an error “target not found ogre-1.9”.

Any suggestions.
I am running kde plasma.

Build/install gazebo AUR package first and edit the PKGBUILD and replace ogre-1.9 with ogre (it will pull the one from repositories and the gazebo will then continue compiling with all the dependencies packages. It will take a while … Once is done, reboot and install ros-noetic-desktop-full

In theory that should work, but i could not let all build/compile …


That’s doing ROS is building. It’s taking a while and my laptop shut itself off once, but it’s heading in the right direction. :+1:

Then use makepkg directly. If that still doesn’t work, then report the issue on the corresponding AUR package page so the maintainer can fix it.


That’s a bit worrying, but that’s a subject for another topic.

It’s just a cheapo thinkpad, Low tier. I don’t think the intended use case was ever to run the CPU at 100 for a couple of hours. It never happened before. Hopefully it doesn’t become a recurring issue. The back cover also deformed a little.

Anyway, I knocked the cpu governor back to powersave and it completed successfully and at reasonable temps. Slow and steady as they say.

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