can't install pop os shell

Hi, I’m trying to install pop os shell, but I can’t find the package:

sorry if it is a noob question

Moderator note

Please do not use screenshots in your posts for showing command output from a terminal window. That information is useless to us.

Terminal windows allow for marking text with the mouse and copying it to the clipboard. Do this, then click the </> button in the toolbar of the editor window, and then paste the copied output in between the two lines of three backticks (```) each. That way, your output will be properly readable and can be copied and pasted in the replies if needed.

is a package available from AUR
pacman cannot deal with these
pamac can - or makepkg or another AUR helper

Besides, that prompt on the screenshot suspiciously looks like KDE terminal. I hope you are not trying to install a gnome shell extension on KDE based system.

Did you guys make it so newcomers can share screenshots & images now? I couldn’t do so back a while for some reason…

Well, normally that depends on the Discourse trust level. As you become more active on the forum, your trust level automatically goes up and unlocks more functionality.

That said however, I have already noticed that perfectly new members now seem capable of adding images to their posts — albeit that such posts first need to be approved by a moderator — and even though the moderators have not received any memo about that, I therefore presume that one of the admins would have changed a few settings, yes. :man_shrugging: