Cant install pamac-all to enable snap/flatpak support: it breaks dependencies with other programs

Hello, this is my first post on this forum so if I am doing anything wrong or writing in the wrong subcategory please correct me!

installing pamac-all through pamac isntall pamac-all from the AUR (i do not know where else to get it) doesn’t work because it cant fullfill the dependencies. it needs to remove:
libpamac, pamac-cli, pamac-gtk
however those are required by some other applications, namely manjaro-application-utility, pamac-tray-icon-plasma, python-manjaro-sdk
I want to install pamac-all to get snap support in pamac directly

Long version:

I recently reinstalled Manjaro KDE Plasma to rearrange my drives a bit, as i was running out of space at various points. Upon reinstall, i went to configure the most important things: get appimages to run, change my theme, check that the Kernel is up to date, install GWE, enable coolbits and while doing that I also wanted to enable snap support in pamac but i couldn’t find the option to anymore. Before my reinstall this was able to be toggled just with a switch of a setting in the GUI yet this isn’t here anymore.

I dug deeper into this and found out that i need to install the package ‘pamac-all’. I went ahead and ran pamac install pamac-all but it failed to install as it breaks some dependencies. It needs to remove programs which other packages need:

I went through the applications requiring the packages that need to be removed to install pamac-all.

manjaro-application-utiliy: I couldn’t actually find any information on what this actually does, but manjaro-hello optionally depends on it. Looking at what manjaro hello is, its just the splash-screen kinda thing that always pops up when booting your installation medium and a new install of manjaro which i don’t really need meaning this should be safe to remove especailly because its just optional.

pamac-tray-icon-plasma: literally does what it says ig. adds the tray icon. nothing depends on this, and is kinda useless anyway so ig it should be fine to get removed.

now to the last one:
python-manjaro-sdk: its… idk what it is but it sounds important haha. but its needed by the package ‘web-installer-url-handler’ of which i cant find its use of other thanto be a dependency of manjaro hello which i should have no problem removing to also clear this.

Now, if i remove all the above mentioned packages, pamac-all should technically be able to isntalled. pamac-all can only not be isntalled because those packages depend on something which pamac-all needs to remove because its in conflict with the dependencies of those packages.

The things pamac-all removes are:

and i strongly assume that those will be packaged in pamac-all which would also enable me snap/flatpak support through pamac.

I am unsure how to proceed from now on. I wouldnt feel comfortable removing the packages complaining about pamac-all breaking dependencies, because ‘pyhton-manjaro-sdk’ and ‘manjaro-application-utility’ sound kinda important :sweat_smile:

Keep in mind, i am not very advanced in linux and therefore may not know some stuff.

I am using manjaro Kde Plasma on a basically as fresh as it gets install.
5.15 Kernel

Thank you in advance

Install the Pamac plugins for Snap or Flatpak support. Search pamac in Pamac, install both plugins, and restart Pamac. Go in Pamac Settings, enable the plugins.

No need to install whatever you were trying to install (didn’t read to be honest).

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In pamac- gtk preferences all you need to do is enable AUR support. For Snap and flatpak support, install libpamac-flatpak-plugin and for snap install libpamac–snap-plugin


If you’re on Manjaro, you don’t need to install any pamac-related things from AUR because they’re all in the official Manjaro repos.

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perfect. this worked thank you!

Sadly there isn’t anything i could find about this online other than the pamac-all fix. hopefully someone with the same problem comes across this.

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