Cant install - not enough space

I have a 1tb ssd.
Cut 200gb from it and its now unallocated.
Booted with USB.
I try to install manjaro on that 200gb but manjaro installation menu says i have no space (8gb is required) and that there are no partitions to install it on.
What can it be ?

Some info:
Controller mode: RST.
Boot mode: UEFI
Turning off fast boot didnt help
lagacy boot mode turned off

(i have manjaro plasma)

I would make the 200GB partition you made to be allocated.

didnt work

What exactly did you do that didn’t work? Did you allocate the 200gb and format it to ext4?

I can only format to NTFS or exFAT, no other option. I tried both and didnt work.
Heres a pic of how it looked with NTFS (add “https” before it, i cant post links here = it

You don’t want to use either of these to install Manjaro on.

No option where? In the Calamares installer? You should be able to do it in the installer, if it doesn’t show up, try redoing the partition table in the installer, and select GPT

Warning: this will wipe everything from the drive.

Oh i was doing it in windows disk managment, give me a sec

Ok, the problem is that in the installer, it wont let me go further than the Welcome screen, it shows the 2 errors and disables the continue button. I cant do anything in it

UPDATE: i set my storage setting to AHCI from RST and now it somehow works, im gonna play with it, i think that was it, thanks for the help <3