Can't install .net 4.6+ with winetricks

Hi, I want to install Music Bee on my Manjaro installation. It’s Manjaro 20.1 XFCE. I managed to get Music Bee working perfectly on Linux when I was using Linux Mint, however on Manjaro I’m not getting the same luck. I’m following the same guide I followed the last time (that’d be this one) but this ain’t working, and it actually has nothing to do with Music Bee itself.

I followed the guide and created a 32 bit wine prefix, so far so good. Then I run the winetricks command that installs .net 4.8 (Music Bee needs 4.6.1+) and… problems. The guide installs it with the -q argument which makes winetricks handle everything by itself without giving me the .net installation window. This wasn’t working, so I removed it to do it myself. The window pops up, I clock through the intaller and let it do its thing, after a while it tells me it successfully installed, but winetricks ain’t so convinced. It starts indefinetly repeating the same console output that looks like it’s failing somewhere but I fail to see why. This doesn’t stop, ever, it goes on and on, and if I cancel it Music Bee refuses to install because it says that .net isn’t installed, and I don’t blame it. I don’t know why this is giving me this much trouble, it should be straightforward. I posted the console output and my winetricks + wine versions on a GitHub issue I created here. Any help would be greatly appreciated, there’s just no replacement for Music Bee.

According to the WineHQ DB Version 4.8 is garbage whereas 4.6.1 is in gold status.

Could it be that on Mint you installed the 4.6.1 version???


Interesting, it’s weird to see that since the guide recommended the 4.8 version. Still, I did try with 4.6.1, same error, doesn’t get past that looping mess.

This is Windows wine so I’m asking another Windows wine question:

  • Did you uninstall 4.8 before installing 4.6.1?

If yes: Sorry, not running wine myself, that’s all the help I can give you…


I deleted the entire prefix multiple times to make clean tests, always the same.

I also tried to download the installers separately and updating winetricks (I forced an update with its command, not a package manager), still, nothing. This time the installer got stuck, instead of telling me it succeeded and then getting the looping console output.

Try with PlayonLinux:
install > install non playlist program > etc.

Thanks, but it’s aparently a bug with wine, here’s people discussing it: WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 49532 – .NET 4.0 and higher fail to install via winetricks

It’s already fixed in this commit: Git - wine.git/commit

It just hasn’t been compiled and packaged yet, this was literally today.

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